Future Projects

 Young Musician Competitions and events 2018

Two young Musician events will happen in 2018 and entries are open now for the Douzelage Young Musician M4EU for years 11 – 13 and  Sherborne Young Musician, which is for years 7 – 10, music grade 4 or higher. Entries can be submitted now: Douzelage Young Musician M4EU entries closed on 8th December 2017 Entries for Sherborne Young  Musician close on 31st January 2018. Details can be found at: https://sherbornemusic.org/


The Sherborne Young Musicians competition and concert will be on 19th May 2018.

Douzelage International Young Musician Festival in France – Applications closed, evaluation in progress

For young musicians in school years 11 – 13 (5th form – upper 6th form), or age up to 18 on 30th Oct. 2017 is an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to take part in the  “Douzelage Young Musician Festival” 1st – 6th  July, in Granville, France representing Sherborne and playing with young musicians from other European towns. Details can be found at: https://sherbornemusic.org/

Granville Carnaval, France 10 – 14 February 2018

Two leaders plus 8 students from The Gryphon school will be taking part in the Granville Carnaval, a similar event to the successful ones over the last few years. Carnaval Website

Other projects and events of 2018

These can be found on the link embedded HERE and more details can be obtained from the Douzelage Secretary via the Contact Us tab on this website. For those marked “possible” then they will happen and you can take part if you are interested.


Sherborne Douzelage is very grateful to all of these organisations for their donations and for the support that they are providing to make our projects a success:

Valmeira Glass UK Ltd
Sherborne Kitchens
West Dorset District Council
Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust
Duo Teresa Carreño
The Eastbury Hotel (Three Wishes)
Old Fosterians Association
Porter Dodson
Sherborne Abbey Festival
Sherborne Arts Link
Simon Digby Charitable Trust
Simon Digby (Sherborne) Memorial Trust
Wessex Strings
Castle Gardens
Riley’s Cycles
Aviation Training International