Volunteer Awards evening

Volunteer Awards evening

One of our Charitable Objects is to ‘Promote Volunteering’

We encourage voluntary support and input to all our activities, recognizing that occasionally professional or specialist support has to be paid for to maintain high standards.

We are active participants in the voluntary and community sector ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions organised by DCA http://www.dorsetcommunityaction.org.uk and have funded some of them.

We regularly participate in Volunteer Manager training and meetings run by the Volunteer Centre Dorset http://www.volunteeringdorset.org.uk/

Our largest project in the voluntary and Community Sector was ‘VolunTEAMing’

This involved three conferences and workshops over an 18 month period which provided opportunities for voluntary and community organisations in Dorset and Somerset. At these, several hundred people shared their best practices and learnt from similar organisations from eight countries across Europe.

It concluded with lots of useful guidance and training material as well as the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding of town councils from those eight towns, including Sherborne.

Content is available here at the VolunTEAMing website  http://www.volunteaming.net

From this other projects followed including ‘Together Across the Generations’ between Sherborne and Chojna, Poland.

Project follow-up included donating about £10,000 to Sherborne Voluntary Associations and an ongoing support through Dorset Community Action for Training and best practice sharing events in Sherborne. We are looking for funding to extend this initiative.

Click on an image to see a slideshow of VolumTEAMing:


If you have ideas about volunteer sector support that you may want us to get involved in then please Contact Us.


Sherborne Douzelage is very grateful to all of these organisations for their donations and for the support that they are providing to make our projects a success:

Valmeira Glass UK Ltd
Sherborne Kitchens
West Dorset District Council
Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust
Duo Teresa Carreño
The Eastbury Hotel (Three Wishes)
Old Fosterians Association
Porter Dodson
Sherborne Abbey Festival
Sherborne Arts Link
Simon Digby Charitable Trust
Simon Digby (Sherborne) Memorial Trust
Wessex Strings
Castle Gardens
Riley’s Cycles
Aviation Training International